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How Green Is Your Lighting?

Everyone is looking at the impact they are having on the environment and it's something that is very close to our hearts, not only in the Canada but on a global level. And with lighting being a key factor in energy usage, it's an area where we are once again setting the pace.

This year Blachere will become the first major festive lighting manufacturer to switch its entire product range to LED lighting with the launch of our 2015 catalogue.

The benefits of LED lighting over incandescent have been recognised for a number of years with significant energy savings and improved life expectancies, however the fall in material costs have now made the technology extremely competitive with traditional light sources.

But we haven't stopped there. We have invested heavily in alternative energy sources with our manufacturing and global headquarters enjoying significant energy savings from solar and wind power.

The catalogue itself is printed on 100% recycled paper and our packaging materials are also 100% recycled.

So when you hear our us talk about the greenest festive lighting on the market, it's not just the color but the ethos of the entire company.