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Luminous garlands

A complete range of garlands for indoor and outdoor decoration.
All LED, several new products have been added to the classic Joylight® curtains, Sparklight® garlands and their accessories. Discover our new exclusive products designed for novel solutions for decorating trees, public squares and streets, always bearing in mind your concerns for efficiency, luminosity and reliability.

Fil Lumière® and accessories

All LED Fil Lumière® products in a multitude of versions and a lively palette of colors for a variety of standard or special uses indoor or outdoor, decorations for trees, walls, outlining, creating motifs...
Numerous accessories complete the range to assist the professional use of high-quality and top-performing products.

Technical specifications

Indispensable complements to garlands, decoration products and motifs, a complete range of accessories, programmers, differential protections, fastening devices and solutions and packaging designed for reliable and safe use of your lighting decorations.


100% LED motifs catalogue. Because recent environmental summits have profoundly modified our approach in terms of products and services, we are happy to be the first to offer you a 100% LED motifs catalogue.

The LED is economical essentially because its consumption is 10 times lower than incandescent bulbs for identical light brightness. Its reliability over time makes it a very resistant product which needs 10 times less replacement.

By using these products, we are able to light a town of 50,000 residents with an installation of 180 LED pole-mounted 80 watt motifs, and 120 LED cross street 250 watt ornaments, using the electrical wattage of only 4 households of 100m2 with families of 4 people (data issued from the IFEM report in 2004).

LED bulbs are more reliable than incandescent bulbs since they are monoblock electronic components, whereas a filament lamp contains movable parts and is therefore more vulnerable to faults.
The Blachère LED boasts other advantages:

  • Selective filtering perfected in the factory to ensure a harmonious white color.
  • luminosity - a benefit of the conical form for which we have filed a patent.
  • Increased life expectancy due to our excellent quality standards.
  • Accurate rendition of colors - thanks to the LED being authenticated and the correct definition of the light temperature (no grey LED).


Standard wired animation
The ready-to-use Blachere® programmers offer an economical solution and are easy to use to animate your motifs and garlands.  



easy to use: plugs directly into the product (motifs, curtains or garlands)

 up to 4 channels and 64 animation programs

possibility of dimmer effect

 variable speeds

Blachere® programmers with IP55 waterproof housings
(made in France)
Each programmer has a detailed data sheet and a wiring diagram: please ask us.

The wireless animation system
The Radio animation system – the Blachere® SAR system - enables synchronized animation of your streets without requiring dedicated power networks or special wiring. It is the WIFI version in the world of illumination.

wireless and independent of the electrical network architecture

easy to use: plugs directly into the product (motifs, curtains or garlands)

one single transmitter housing controls up to 50 animation lines to be distributed amongst your motifs and luminous products

16 different animation programs at variable speeds

reaches a distance of up to 50 m between motifs

High tech animation – absolute freedom

ILed Cube

10 cm2 of pure technology to give your illuminations a video dimension.
BLACHERE's ILED Cubes fit together to make a matrix compatible with any kind of support (façade, column, sphere, cone, etc.).
The advantages:

Infinite animations in terms of colors (RGB), shapes, speeds, intensities, etc.

 Up to 4,096 cubes driven by a single programmer

 Possibility to scroll text or video

 Infinite reprogramming on SD card

Do not hesitate to contact us to integrate ILED Cubes into your illumination project.

A technology originating from scenography modified for Blachère® illuminations,
the DMX protocol is ideal for installations requiring more complex animations.

  • up to 512 animation channels offering an incredible variety of lighting effects
  • synchronization is possible with music, schedules, or countdowns
  •  infinite and customized reprogramming of the animations

These devices integrate themselves into a global illumination project; our sales team are able to guide you with this type of syncing method.

To receive more information contact our customer services team.